Cinco De Mayo Lesson Plans

Cinco De Mayo Teaching Theme Spanish Lesson Plans
Cinco De Mayo Worksheets Spring Worksheets

  • A Comparison of the Celebrations of Cinco de Mayo - Cinco de Mayo has become a popular holiday in the United States. In this lesson, students research and compare the different ways a holiday is celebrated in Mexico and the United States.
  • A Map of Mexico - In this activity, students use Google maps to locate important cities and topographical features.
  • A Sculpted Fiesta Feast - Students are able to get messy as they create a traditional Mexican feast using sculpting clay and paint.
  • Fun with Pinatas - In this activity, students celebrate Cinco de Mayo by making their own miniature pinatas.
  • Graphing Mexican Immigration - The student will be able to create a chart showing the increase or decrease in Mexican immigrants over the last 100 years.
  • Mariachi Concert - Students work together to create a poster advertising a concert by a mariachi band. They gather the information they need from the Internet and put together an advertisement for their band.
  • Mexican Charades - Students use their acting skills to try to have their teammates understand which symbol they are acting out in this game of Mexican charades.
  • Mexican Memory Match - This is a review game where students match pieces of different Mexican symbols. When the different cards are put together, they represent a traditional aspect of Mexican culture.
  • The Battle on the 5th of May - In this activity, students research the battle that took place in Mexico which is celebrated by Cinco de Mayo. They then choose a scene from the battle and recreate it in a drawing.
  • We Can Win Too - The Mexican army won a battle they were sure they were going to lose. In this lesson, students draw a picture about a challenge they faced that they thought they couldn't overcome.

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