Printable Ancient Egypt Worksheets

Ancient Egyptians thrived due to their ingenuity and ability to adapt to hardship they faced. They had an elaborate writing style and social development. We take a deep look at the Egyptian civilization.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Cryptogram
  3. Group Creative Writing
  4. Maze
  5. Timeline
  6. VENN Diagram: Comparing Modern and Ancient Egypt
  7. VENN Diagram: Comparing Modern Americans and Ancient Egyptians
  8. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  9. Vocabulary Quiz
  10. Word Search Worksheet
  11. Writing Paper

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Ancient Egypt Bulletin Boards

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Why Was Ancient Egypt Important?

The Egyptian civilization was one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Theis is the civilization that invented many profounding and life changing things. Everything from the Olympic games to the alphabet came from them. They also developed the fractions, geometry and decimals we study in class today. Learning about this culture and the modern world is important because it helps us appreciate their discoveries. Did you know that Ancient Egypt is considered an advanced civilization? Many modern medicines came about because of them.

Hieroglyphics and the Alphabet

Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to record their writing. Each symbol had a different meaning. This is where the modern alphabet comes from. Hieroglyphics are one of the first writing systems in the world. By using signs to communicate, they were pretty smart. One symbol could be translated to a whole word instead of a letter. This made hieroglyphics more advanced than other writing systems.

Before paper, there was papyrus. The surface that the Ancient Egyptians used to keep records on. Their writing system was a lot like ours. They used a reed pen to write on the papyrus. The surface was so smooth that they would later sell it to other countries. Before this, older civilisations had always written on stone.

Sports and Games

The sports played by Ancient Egyptians are still played today. They enjoyed entertainment and games. They played a type of hockey, swam, hunted, and more. These sports and games helped them prepare for war. Do you love going bowling? They invented this game! Historians found what looked like bowling lanes in old Egyptian rooms.

Math Systems

The Ancient Egyptians had a unique math system. They used a system of 7 symbols but could easily add, subtract, multiply, and fraction with them. This math system was so advanced that they even invented modern-day algebra.

The Sundial and Time

The Ancient Egyptians could tell the time by looking at the shadow of a sun dial! The sundial was divided into twelve sections. Each section was for a different time of the day. Early clocks were based on the sundial. Inventors looked at the time on the sundial for accuracy. At night, sundials were turned the opposite way to record the AM hours. The Egyptians could've told you the time without looking at a watch.

They also used calendars. They had 3 different types of calendars! First, there was the lunar calendar that followed the cycles of the moon. This was used to record the days. Then there was a calendar used by government officials. This calendar was a lot like a planner. The third planner matched the lunar one with the normal one used by them.

Musical Instruments

Many musical instruments that we use today came from Ancient Egypt. They invented drums, cymbals, trumpets and pipes. The culture loved listening to music. We now understand how they shaped the modern world. Would we be able to enjoy the music if it wasn’t for the Egyptians?


The ancient Egyptians' worshipped many gods and believed in the afterlife. They influenced a lot of modern world religions with their ways of worshipping.


Egypt was extremely hot. The ancient Egyptians needed some way to protect themselves from the heat. They could not go bald because that would make the sun burn their heads. So they invented wigs! The wigs did not trap heat like natural hair. This is where wigs started from.


Scientists recently discovered that much of modern medicine could be traced back to Ancient Egypt. The remedies they used, like castor oil as a laxative, show another connection between this civilization and the modern world. The ancient Egyptians used acacia in cough medicines just like we do today. They also used Aloe Vera to soothe burns. This shows that they didn’t just believe in supernatural cures for illnesses.

Many of the ingredients in pills today are artificial. But the ancient Egyptians used original herbs and other ingredients for common medical problems. They also knew how to do surgery. Historians found what looked like surgical tools in a physician’s tomb. Egyptian texts show that they also tried removing cancerous tumors. This shows that surgery could have come from from their culture too. They were only simple surgeries, though.


The Egyptians didn’t like having smelly breath. They used frayed twigs like toothbrushes. After translating old texts, historians found that they had a recipe that looked like it was for toothpaste. These early kinds of toothpaste had pepper in them too! They would probably hurt our teeth today. But it’s clear that toothpaste first started here. We can thank the Egyptians for having clean teeth.


The Ancient Egyptians made the first vases. They poured melted glass into sand. These vases were usually for the Pharoah. They were probably used to decorate rooms. Before this, glass was only found in its natural form. The Ancient Egyptians were the first to try different crafts with glass. They even managed to make red glass! This kind of glass was really hard to make.

Ancient civilizations were the first to discover the things we use today. Ancient Egypt and the modern world have a lot in common. We play the sports that they invented and the language system. Ancient Egyptian pyramids are still standing today. This is because they were extremely intelligent people. There is a lot that we can learn just from looking at their inventions. Learning about history and how ancient civilizations lived shows us how we have discovered things and changed over time.