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  1. Ancient Egypt- You can explore the mystery and splendor of Egypt from the comfort of your own computer.
  2. Ancient Egypt Travel Brochure - Utilizing ELA and social studies subject areas, students will create a travel brochure for Ancient Egypt.
  3. Apple Mummification - Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to conclude which salt compound removed the most moisture from the apple and which preserved the apple the best without it rotting.
  4. Egyptian Multiplication- Upon completion of lecture on Egyptian Multiplication, these ninth grade general mathematics students will be able to multiply any two numbers using the egyptian algorithm with ninety-five percent accuracy.
  5. Linking Mesopotamia and Egypt - We covered Mesopotamia last week and have studied the Egyptian culture this week so today will be about linking the two cultures and finding the similarities and differences in the two.
  6. Mysteries of the Nile: How Did They Do It?- To learn what levers are and how they might have been used by the ancient Egyptians in building their monuments. To learn what center of gravity is, how to determine the center of gravity of asymmetrical objects, and how this knowledge might have helped the Egyptians in building their monuments.