Pryamids Teacher Guide to Ancient Egypt

When learning all about ancient Egypt it is important to realize that this civilization is considered one of the most important for the entire history of mankind on planet earth. The Egyptian empire once spanned most of the Middle East and as far west as the edge of Europe and many parts of what is now Asia.

Great Pharaohs of Egypt

Starting with the great Pharaohs of Egypt and currently having Presidents just like the United States the country of Egypt is an ever-changing and dynamic piece of living history. Egypt is a Muslim nation formed in the tradition of Islam but with a more open and accommodating standing. Compared to some of their Middle Eastern neighboring countries Egypt can be referred to as quite a liberal sector.

State of Israel

Egypt was once at war with the State of Israel and suffered subsequent defeats in both the Seven Days War and the Yom Kippur War. Ancient Egypt encompasses one of the most exciting times in all of the worlds history and even today new discoveries in the form of tombs and ancient cities are being unearthed. It is important to understand that the cradle of civilization runs right through the country of Egypt.

Pharaoh King Menes

The first Ancient Egyptian dynasty was ruled by the Pharaoh King Menes. This Pharaoh was seen as one of the greatest political and military gains that Egypt has ever known. The kitchen and prior was created through the alliances that King Pharaoh may needs an initiated and some that still stand in today's modern society. The history of Ancient Egypt only became stronger each and every decade with great pharaohs such as; Tutankhamen, Ramses and Cleopatra.

History of Egypt

Some of the more interesting facts about the history of Egypt include architecture and revolutionary architectural systems. The most notable structures that the Egyptians created were the pyramids. The first pyramid was built by the great Pharaoh boy-king Imhotep. The Step Pyramid at Saqqara was built for King Djoser who was one of the kings of the 3rd Dynasty.

Pyramids and Tombs

Pyramids were constructed as burial sites for the pharaohs and with their mummified bodies there were also personal items. These items were in the form of treasure, food, spices and whatever made the pharaoh happy in life. Without the pyramids and tombs being discovered by famed archaeologists such as Howard Carter and Taylor during the 1920's all the way to present day 2010, the world would be unaware of how the ancient Egyptians cared for their deceased.

Christian Old and New Testament

The history of ancient Egyptians reads like a great mystery and is mentioned many times in the Christian Old and New Testament. As a matter of fact Moses uttered one of the most famous quotes in the Bible, "set my people free'! In fact, Moses did lead his people out of bondage from Egypt into the desert in the Biblical passages of the Great Exodus. Even though the pharaoh of Egypt in the times of Moses is considered the bad guy in the Bible the country as a whole is a spectacular gem of a location!

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