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The page looks at all of those people that help others trhoughout the coummnity. Student learn the position and responsibilities of community service professions in their area.

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Community Helpers Printable Posters and Signs

  1. architect
  2. barber
  3. counselor
  4. dentist
  5. doctor
  6. father
  7. firefighter
  8. librarian
  9. mother
  10. nurse
  11. police officer
  12. repairman
  13. secretary
  14. teacher
  15. waiter

Community Helpers Our Society Needs

Like the human body has numerous vital parts that help the body function healthily, society is also the same. A community comprises different people with different capabilities, but some people are more special because their efforts lead to a healthy and safe society. They are the backbone of any society that functions efficiently.

These people are known as community helpers. These people are qualified and experienced professionals who live and work in our a specific area to ensure that the group functions positively and that members of the region are free of distress. We also recognize others as community helpers because of the services they provide to the area a great deal.

Anyone passionate about helping their region in any way whatsoever is a community helper, regardless of their profession, experience, or age. You can also be a one of these people if you contribute positively to your specific region in a vital manner.

Here is a quick rundown of some prominent community helpers.

1. Police Officials

In any community, there is always a chance of someone breaking the law in some form or the other, whether through stealing or any other behavior that disrupts the order of the area. It is the job of police officials to protect the lives, property, and belongings of the people of that area. They help maintain order, catch people who break laws and prevent other crimes.

In the United States, more than 900,000 police officers have dedicated their lives to serve as those who patrol the streets of a neighborhood either on foot or in their vehicles, keeping an eye on everything and ensuring the order of people.

2. Doctors

As humans, we tend to get sick physically, or we might get injured due to some reason. The human body can be unpredictable. And here is how doctors act as great community helpers. Doctors are trained professionals with a solid education in looking after human bodies.

Like police officials, doctors are also responsible for looking after humans and their lives. But besides saving someone from dying, they also help in minimizing the pain and helping people towards a speedy recovery. Utilizing their expertise and knowledge, doctors play an indispensable role of society, as they extend their help and knowledge to people to help them lead healthier and normal lives.

3. Teachers

All community helpers add great value to their communities, but teachers are arguably one of the most influential. As they say, knowledge is power, and that is true. Knowledge and education are the base for any individual, from where they can learn to dream and achieve fulfilling things in life. And this consequently has a positive impact on the well-being of people that they serve.

As community helpers, teachers have access to transferring useful knowledge to children, which they will carry on with them throughout their life. Teachers have the utmost responsibility to shape the mindset of an entire generation and transform children into leaders of tomorrow.

4. Firefighters

A key role of a community helper is ensuring the safety of the population and its members. A firefighter is another citizen who risks his life to protect people from fire, guaranteeing their safety. Firefighters work for the fire department and prevent fires.

Their other duties as community helpers include educating the people on preventing fires and what steps people should take if there is a fire. A firefighter's superhero costume includes special clothing with protective coats, gloves, hoods, and boots.

5. Waste Collectors

People may not acknowledge the contributions of the important individuals in collecting the area waste. But they help the people greatly by simply ensuring that it is free of trash and waste. They are responsible for collecting waste from the point of disposal, that is, houses and buildings, to the point of landfills.

It is important to ensure a community is clean because this will prevent the spreading of diseases. And for this reason, waste collectors are much-needed in the areas that they serve. Because of social taboos, their job may not be considered respectful, but it is hard to imagine a community without a waste collector.

6. Vets

Just like humans, animals are also an integral part of our public, and they too deserve to feel safe and protected, especially because they, unlike humans, cannot voice their struggles. A local vet contributes as a community helper by helping the animals around us. If you have a pet that is not healthy, a vet can check them and prescribe the needed care and medications.

7. Farmers

Humans need food for survival; that is a fact. And the person who, although working in the background, remains an integral part of any community. The food chain is a large system with numerous people working in various positions, providing a multitude of services for the people of the area.

Farmers, however, truly are the backbone of this food chain as they grow our vegetables and fruits so that the community does not starve. It is important to acknowledge their position as do gooder for their neighbors.

8. Bus/Taxi Drivers

People who work for public transport provide a great service to the people, as they help people reach from one point to another without worry. These community helpers are super important because not every person owns a car, so it assists those people with a transport service.

Community helpers constantly contribute daily to a community's well-being and smooth running. It is important for children and adults to know and acknowledge the efforts and works of people because this helps children prepare for tough situations as they become aware of who they can rely on to protect them. It also helps children learn gratitude as they recognize the efforts that sometimes people may ignore, for example, the contributions of a waste collector.