Community Helpers Lesson Plans

Community Helpers Teaching Resources

Community Helpers Worksheets

  1. Be Polite - Children reflect on how to be polite.
  2. Character Education Pillars - Students will create Character Pillars to be used for the character education program run in the building.
  3. Community Helpers Are at Your Service- A Web Quest
  4. Lego Block Center- Build a Community Team Project.
  5. My Community - Have the students identify different communities, and things within the community.
  6. People Who Work- Students will brainstorm jobs that make up any community. Students are introduced to the concepts of "profit" and "not-for-profit" in their own community.
  7. Strangers - Students will learn how to react when confronted with a stranger, and they will find out why strangers can sometimes be dangerous.
  8. Unit on Community Helpers- Objective for the student: The student will increase patterning skills and be able to identify the pattern in the big book used and the tools of various community helpers.
  9. Who Am I? - Students will be able to recognize community helpers and what they do.