Lesson Plan : My Community

Teacher Name:
 Crystal Webster
 Grade 2
 Social Studies

 My Community
 Talk about the things in a community. What makes a community and why? The students will already know these things, this will be an ending to our unit. This will show me they know hwat a community is. What are the major landforms, bodies of water, and people? What do you need in a community? Why is your community different from some where else? What are the the rules in your community. Pick at least 5 things you want on your concept map.
 Have the students identify different communities, and things within the community. Identify the different jobs needed, major landforms, bodies of water, etc. Have the students recognize the difference in communities. Use a computer and kispiration to show me they know all about a community.
 I want the students to work independantly on this assignment using the computer and show me what a community is.
 Computer, kidspiration software, pictures of communities, concept map, paper, white board, and dry erase marker.
 This will be the last lesson in the unit communities. It will be a kind of assessment on communities. I want everyone to tell me about their community by using a concept map on the computer and then write about what each picture means.
 On the computer I will model how to make a concept map from kidspiration. I will brainstorm on the different things they can put on theirs and tell them to look around the room for ideas. I will then show them how to use the writing when most of the class is finished.
 They will have had practice on the computer prior to this activity. I plan on incorporating technology as much as I can so they will be familiar with how to use kidspiration. Again, this will be an ending lesson on all of communities.
 For gifted students I would make them write more about their pictures, maybe in word document. I would allow them to help others, and require more pictures. For special education students, I would allow more time, have them just do the pictures and not the paper, or have them just draw the pictures.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will assess them by looking at their concept map and seeing that they followed all the guildines, and have a stamp for every criteria. Then I will look at the paper they wrote and see if it makes sense and is free of errors.
 I will close by having each student present their concept map to the class. They will explain the pictures they used and why.
 I have not done this activity before, I would hope the evaluation would be that the students could come up with great ideas about their community and were able to write a little about it.
Teacher Reflections:
 Again, I have not done this lesson before so I cannot really reflect. I would hope that my reflection would be that the students had a fun time doing this activity and they understood everything. I think after this lesson they will be relieved to be done with the unit communities.

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