Lesson Plan : Powerpoint Slide Show - Who Am I?

Teacher Name:
 Miss Ryan
 Social Studies

 Community Helpers (EDITED)
 Powerpoint Slide Show titled "Who Am I?" Making a K-W-L Chart Appreciation and Recognition of our Community Helpers
 Students will be able to recognize community helpers and what they do. Students will participate in PowerPoint slideshow game, "Who Am I?" Students will be able to follow directions and complete all assigned tasks.
 Given tools of various community helpers, students will identify the tools and explain what the community helpers do with these tools. Given questions based on Bloom's taxonomy, students will answer three questions about community helpers, using critical thinking skills as they discuss and write the answers.
 Computer Large piece of paper(for K-W-L chart) PowerPoint Slideshow Tools for various jobs (letter for mailman, chalk for teacher, fire hat, police badge,etc.) A DK Readers: Jobs People Do: A Day in a Life of a Firefighter (Level 1: Beginning to Read) Linda Hayward, DK Publishing
 Each table of students will already have one "tool" of the trade on it for them to examine when they come in first thing in the morning. On the board will be instructions to find out what the tool is, and talk about your tool at your table. Teacher begins lesson by explaining that we're going to start learning about "Community Helpers". Teacher reminds students of some facts about community, previously learned.
 Students come to decision as to what their tool is at their table, and share with the class. Teacher asks each table, "Who might use your tool to help them in their job?" (Bloom's Question) and "How might that person use the tool to help them?" (Bloom's Question) Teacher leads discussion.
 We'll begin to create a KWL chart on the chalboard. I will ask students, "What do we know about community helpers?" and will list the responses under the "K" section of chart. I will then ask "What do we want to know?" and list those responses under the "L" section of chart. Teacher will read excerpts from the book, "Jobs People Do".
 Teacher will walk around the room to ensure that discussions are valuable and on task. Teacher will assist students who are having difficulty in identifications of tools.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher leads students through the slideshow. During each "Who Am I?" slide, teacher calls on a student to answer the question, and click the mouse for the next slide to see if they are correct.
 At the end of the lesson, students are asked to write down something that they learned about community helpers. Then teacher asks for volunteers to share their answers, and records them on the "L" section of the K-W-L chart. At the end of the lesson, teacher will hang up the K-W-L chart in room for students to reference during the unit. A guest speaker will be invited to the classroom: a community helper that students have studied. Students will prepare questions for their guest ahead of time.
 Teacher will use direct observation to see whether or not students are participating in the group discussions. Also, students are required to complete the sentence, "I learned that..." and turn in.
Teacher Reflections:
 Did the guest speaker make this lesson realistic for the students? Have they gained an appreciation for the service of these helpers? How will I follow up this lesson? Was this successful in gaining the interest of the students?

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