Lesson Plan : Character Education Pillars

Teacher Name:
 Lisa Leezer Guyette
 Grade 5

 Students will work cooperatively and create Character Education Pillars for building-wide use.
 Character Education pillars and character education traits
 Students will create Character Pillars to be used for the character education program run in the building. Pillars will be placed in the Multipurpose Room and student names will be posted on the pillar monthly, if they have been "caught" by school staff engaging in that character trait.
 Students will learn what the Character Pillars are, define character traits, learn how to use the pillars and examine how they represent Character in the school.
 Poster Board Construction Paper Crayons Markers Glue Scissors Computers Printers Poster Mounting Board Laminting Machine MultiPurpose Room reservation
 Students will be introduced to the concept of creating a school legacy but making Character Pillars to further the Character Education program building-wide.
 Students will review the Character traits and verbally state definitions of assigned character pillar. Students will view a counselor-made model of a Character Pillar.
 Students will be assigned to groups. Students will brainstorm key words or phrases to define their character pillar trait.
 Students with reading and writing difficulties will be paired with student groups includeing students that are identified as peer helpers. Students with behavioral needs will be paired with student groups that include a teacher or teacher aide.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will review all pillar designs and definitions with the counselor prior to engaging in final work product.
 Students will review their Character Pillar with the entire group. Students will offer feedback to other group members regarding times they observed a student engaging in a manner that met that character trait.
 Student work products were exemplary. They were able to laminate and mount the posters. The Character Pillars will be used in future Character Education learning for the school. Students were able to reflect on times when they have been good role models of Character and times when they needed to make better choices.
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson was extremely rewarding but required more preteaching of skills. Students would have benefitted from smaller groups and preteaching of cooperation skills prior to engaging in the final work product. Student review and reflection was the most productive part of the lesson.

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