Who Are The Helpers in Your Community?

Each member of the community plays certain roles that contribute either for its success or for downfall. To keep all the activities in the community go harmoniously and orderly requires people who are willing to extend their service. Without them, things will turn chaotic and uneasy.

What normally compose one community are social institutions as schools, churches, hospitals, the local government, marketplace, fire station, and police station. These establishments are where the people go for certain purposes and transactions. Within these establishments are also people who give their help to those who are in need of them.

In schools, there are teachers. Teachers share their knowledge to their students so that they, too, could be able to grow up learned and molded to become better citizens in the future. Teachers also help in inculcating in the minds of their students proper values.

People get sick so the community must have hospitals. In the hospitals, there are doctors and nurses who, through their expertise, find way to heal sick people and take good care of them until they are back to their normal state.

The local government, being the branch of the national government in the locality, is also there to create projects intended for the convenience of its people and for the people to do their jobs well and on time. The local government is also involved in knowing and listening to its people's needs, and take actions in order to answer the community members' needs.

Relative to this, the police are also there to maintain peace and order within their area of jurisdiction. They see to it that the people in the community are free from harm of others and that their rights are properly practiced. The police also acts to protect the community from outsiders who might possibly ruin the harmonious relationship within the community. Police officers also see to it that not only the lives of its constituents are kept secured but also their properties. There are different roles that the police are playing in the community. There are those who are with canine units who trace whether there are bomb and other life-threatening equipments within the community. There are also police officers who act as traffic enforcers. There are also those who arrest criminals and suspects.

The librarian are also community helpers. Because readers of magazines, books, and other reading materials are everywhere, the library is one of the ideal hang-outs for readers. There are times when we need to ask for the help of a librarian to help us look for the books that we need or want to read.

The fire fighters also play an important role in the community. They do not only play specific role as fighting fires or preventing possible threats of fire in the community. Fire fighters also rescue on other disasters that may occur in the community. They also go to schools and other rendezvous at time to teach people or to make people aware of the importance of preventing fire, the possible destruction that fire may create and the like.

You- you are a helper of the community. Be it throwing your waste in its proper place, or minimizing your noise in public places, or simply following the laws and provisions set out in your locality, you become a helper of the community. Exercising your rights properly and not encroaching over the rights of others is the simplest that a community member can do to be of help to the place. By doing so, you do not only depend on other major helpers of the community rather, you are also doing your part. After all, it feels better to work with the others rather than simply watching others doing their part, right?

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