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Community Helpers Vocabulary Quiz


Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. police officer A person who helps keep the teeth, gums, and mouth healthy for a living
2. firefighter Someone who is certified to help people stay healthy through the use of medicine, as a job
3. dentist The man who helped to create a baby or babies, the man who cares for a child
4. doctor A person that has been trained to fight and extinguish fires
5. architect a person trained to work in a library, or who maintains a particular collection of books.
6. barber A person who has the job of designing buildings and supervising the construction of those buildings
7. teacher The woman who carries or cares for a child
8. waiter Someone who lives close by your house or dwelling
9. secretary Someone trained, usually in a specific area, to correct problems with vehicles, machines, or appliances
10. nurse A person who cuts , usually men's, hair and shaves or trims beards as a job
11. librarian A person who is specially trained to care for those who are ill, many work in hospitals
12. mother Someone trained to uphold and enforce the laws with the ability to either help or arrest people
13. repairman Someone employed by an office or an individual who is paid to assist with office duties that may include answering phones, keeping records, and making appointments
14. neighbor Someone trained to provide education to children at certain grade levels or in different subjects
15. father A person trained to offer guidance on social, psychological, and personal issues or problems
16. counselor A person who is paid to serve customers food and drinks at their tables, in a restaurant

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