Physics Labs and Activities

Physics is the study of matter and energy and how they interact. Physics is seen as the most fundamental science. In this section of our web site we feature teacher tested and kid approved physics labs. These are a great deal of fun!

  1. Battle of the Spheres - Investigate the impact of inertia on velocity with marbles.
  2. Flexing those Magnet Muscles! - A fun lab that examines magnetic fields.
  3. It's Coming To Me! - Examine the physics of energy conduction with some paraffin.
  4. One, Two, Three Isaac Newton and Me! - Investigate Newton's Laws with matchbox cars.
  5. What's so simple about these SIMPLE MACHINES - Use old and broken toys to examine the use of simple machines.
  6. Who needs Bell Atlantic? - Learn about sound waves through the old cup/string telephone game.