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What's so simple about these SIMPLE MACHINES?


Problem: What are the names and different functions of the six most common simple machines?

Hypothesis: ___________________________________________________________.

Materials: The class will supply the materials for this one!


Part A:

  1. You should have been told by your teacher to bring in a broken appliance or toy. Ask your teacher to get the classes collection out for you.
  2. Using the back of this sheet you will put the name of the material under which simple machine(s) it has in its design. Remember these compound machines which can be made up of many different types of simple machines. One material could be listed as being composed of more than one type, sometimes all six, simple machines.
  3. You will get a day or two make sure you examine every material brought into class. A Lab write-up is due just for part A one-week after part A is completed.

Part B:

  1. For the next part of the Lab you will have five days. You must with one partner design a model, using three or more of the simple machines studied.
  2. This part will count for a test grade you must produce seven materials to communicate your product. Two Drawing of your model with all the simple machine parts labeled. B) A List of the materials you would use to build your machine. C) A Cost analysis of how much each part would cost and of how much the total machine will cost you to make. Also an estimated retail price of how much you would sell this to the public for. D) You must make an advertisement (brochure, magazine-like ad, poster) that promotes your product. E) You must also due a customer analysis. This tells you who would most likely buy your product and where they live. F) You must also calculate how many of these you would have to sell to make one million dollars ($1,000,000)
  3. Don't waste time get to work, there is plenty to do.


Wheel & Axle
Inclined Plane






















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