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Problem: Which paraffin square will melt first? How long will it take of all the squares to melt?

Hypothesis: ____________________________________________________________.

Materials: a 16 cm strip of metal, 6 pieces of paraffin, a flame source, ring stands.


  1. Put 6 pieces of paraffin on a 6in piece of metal. Make sure they are spaced out 2.2 cm's apart.
  2. Using 2 ring stands suspend the metal strip high enough so that a flame source can go right underneath.
  3. Light the flame source, make it a steady medium flame, and place the source underneath either ring stand.
  4. As soon as you do that begin to record the time it takes for each square to melt.
  5. When all squares have melted stop the flame.


Square #1
Square #2
Square #3
Square #4
Square #5
Square #6


Conclusion Questions:

  1. What is heat?
  2. What are three methods of heat transfer?
  3. How does a thermometer measure temperature?
  4. What is specific heat?

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