Evolution Lesson Plans

  • Amphibian & Reptile Crafts- "Templates and directions for making a paper mache alligator, a crocodile, a dinosaur, frogs, and a frog puppet."
  • Cave Club Introduction - Student will learn about prehistoric time through hands-on learning activities and other creative art projects.
  • Dinosaur Tracks and Critical Thinking- They will learn the rudiments of how tracks are made and how to read them. They will use powers of observation and critical thinking to produce a scenario.
  • Evolution! - Students should be able to hold their own with knowledge about evolution.
  • Evolutionary Theory - Students will articulate the scientific evidence for evolution.
  • Religion In Schools - Students will be able to express the issues with religion in schools.
  • Two Kinds of Dinosaurs- Students will compare two kinds of dinosaurs based upon the structure of the pelvis: bird-hipped and reptile-hipped.