Lesson Plan : Evolutionary Theory

Teacher Name:
 Cynthia Clarke

 Misconceptions concerning evolutionary theory are discussed.
 Evolutionary theory Anthropology Paleoanthropology Geological record World view Biological processes
 Students learn the scientific method as it applies to the development of evolutionary theory. Students will be able to carry on a conversation about evolutionary theory, even if it conflicts with personal beliefs.
 Students will articulate the scientific evidence for evolution. Students will demonstrate knowledge of 3 misconceptions concerning evolutionary theory.
 Use the textbook, lecture notes, and the website, Talk Origins (http://www.talkorigins.org.
 The instructor will provide a lecture on the scientific method. Next, a lecture and readings on the history of science will be presented. Finally, a class discussion on learning material that may or may not align with personal views and why this learning models the core expectations of anthropology.
 A short skit showing how controversial issues can quickly escalate into personal attacks will be followed by a class discussion of how negative interactions can be avoided.
 Working in teams fo 2-3, Students will choose one of the areas of evidence for evolution or one one of the misconceptions and create a skit.
 Individual projects will be made available to persons with disabilities that reflect the documentation presented to this instructor. The student will meet with the instructor at the start of the quarter to create an individual contract that meets the needs of the student.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each team will have recorded their skit and posted to Blackboard. Students from other teams will provide peer critiques that contain both comments on the structure of the recorded skit and the content presented.
 An online discussion of the materials, the next week, will solicit students' comments on the process.
 The instructor will assess the skits for accuracy and for clariity of presentation.
Teacher Reflections:
 The instructor will solicit suggestions for changes in the structure of the process and for additions and deletions in the topics provided (evidence for evolution and the misconceptions).

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