Lesson Plan : Evolution!

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 Grade 7-8

 The topic is Evolution(the scientific way).
 Key Vocabulary: Uniforminatarianism, Evolution, Fossil, Natural Selection, Variation, Mutation, Speciation, The Law of Superposition, Adaptation, and mutation.
 Goals: ~For students to be able to recognize how DNA can be used to support evolution. ~For students to be able to name different kinds of fossils. ~Major Eras and periods of the earth. ~DNA differences recognizable. ~For students to be able to use variation, adaptation, mutation, etc. in a sentence to show the meaning. ~For students to be able to define Lamarck's and Darwin's theory of evolution. ~For students to be able to create their own animal using adaptations.
 ~Students should be able to hold their own with knowledge about evolution.
 Investigations #91-101. ~Paper ~Computer
 Evolution...what is it? How old is the earth? What does DNA stand for? How can we use DNA for support? Key Vocabulary questions! What are Darwin and Lamarck's theory on evolution. Name three different fossils and their environments. Time periods! --All these questions will be answered in our evolution unit!
 We will take a pre-test to see what the students already know. Depending on how well they know certain sections, we may not have to spend much time on certain areas of evolution.
 Investigations #91-101. ~Students will do special activities to understand the theory of evolution.
 As said before, I will try and break things down even more if students aren't able to fully comprehend.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assessment is two and a half pages. Students must get higher than a seventy-nine percent to show that they understand evolution.
 I say... "Now that we know a little about DNA, I think it's time to move onto one of my favorite subjects in science; genetics!!
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