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Printable Tsunami Worksheets

Tsunamis are waves caused by earth quakes under the ocean floor. Many scientists theorize that hundreds of tsunamis occur on a daily basis. Most tsunamis cause only very small waves to occur. In 1958, a tsunami generated a wave 1720 feet tall in Lituya Bay, Alaska. This is the largest tsunami on record. Below you will find a series of worksheets on this phenomenon.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Bank On It! Worksheet
  3. Do The Research!
  4. Group Creative Writing
  5. KWL
  6. VENN Diagram: Comparing Tsunamis to Wind Current Waves
  7. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  8. Vocabulary Quiz
  9. What If.... ?
  10. Word Chop

Tsunami Worksheets Built By The Platinum Member Software

All of the worksheets below were created using our platinum membership software. It took 4 minutes in total to create all of these worksheets. This software allows you to create tons of worksheets and puzzles in seconds. To learn more visit our platinum page.

  1. Tsunami Alphabetic Order
  2. Tsunami Alphabetic Order Answers
  3. Tsunami Circle The Word Spelling
  4. Tsunami Crossword Worksheet
  5. Tsunami Crossword Worksheet Answers
  6. Tsunami Cryptogram Worksheet
  7. Tsunami Missing Letter Spelling
  8. Tsunami Secret Decoder Message
  9. Tsunami Secret Decoder Message Answers
  10. Tsunami Spelling Answer Key
  11. Tsunami Vocabulary Maze
  12. Tsunami Vocabulary Maze Answers
  13. Tsunami Word Blackout Worksheet
  14. Tsunami Word Blackout Answers
  15. Tsunami Word Search
  16. Tsunami Word Search (Clue Based)
  17. Tsunami Word Search Answer Key
  18. Tsunami Word Scramble
  19. Tsunami Word Scramble Answer Key
  20. Cloze - Natural Disasters Theme, Vol. 1
  21. Cloze - Natural Disasters Theme, Vol. 2
  22. Puzzle Series: Tsunami Theme

Data and Maps on the Historical 2004 Tsunami

  1. 12/26/04 Tsunami Data Sheet
  2. Aerial Comparison Photos
  3. Blank Map Of Region
  4. Epicenter Map
  5. Affected Area Ma

Tsunami Bulletin Boards

  1. Waves 1
  2. Waves 2
  3. Waves 3
  4. Waves 4
  5. Waves 5
  6. Waves 6

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