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Tsunami Blackout Worksheet Answers

Directions: Blckout the letters that do not belong in the word for each clue below.

1 Clue:   Lesser shock after the main shock of an earthquake.
Word:   aftershock The correct word is: _________________
2 Clue:   An intense wavelike movement.
Word:   surge The correct word is: _________________
3 Clue:   The act of providing notice or caution.
Word:   warning The correct word is: _________________
4 Clue:   A catastrophic event, often resulting in loss of life and property.
Word:   disaster The correct word is: _________________
5 Clue:   Intense vibrations that occur in the earth's crust.
Word:   earthquake The correct word is: _________________
6 Clue:   A massive sea wave brought on by an undersea volcanic eruption or seaquake.
Word:   tsunami The correct word is: _________________
7 Clue:   A large overflow or flow of water that often occurs on land.
Word:   flooding The correct word is: _________________
8 Clue:   The main area where activity occurs.
Word:   epicenter The correct word is: _________________
9 Clue:   A rock formation with a fracture in it.
Word:   fault The correct word is: _________________
10 Clue:   An instrument that records direction, intensity, and duration of earthquakes.
Word:   seismograph The correct word is: _________________

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