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Tsunami Circle The Word Spelling Worksheet

Directions: Circle all the words that are spelled correctly.
1 aftershock stofkhacre tsrheacokf soehatkfrc
2 gpsarohsmei seismograph iamrhsegops pimesroahgs
3 itsnyntei itnteniys nintyteis intensity
4 minduateg magnitude ntmaeidgu metnidagu
5 lfatu ulfat fault tlfua
6 ortghu trough oguhrt ohutrg
7 rsgeu reugs rsegu surge
8 fjord rjofd odrfj ofdjr
9 escrt crest cstre tcres
10 ngwiran nwangri rnnigaw warning
11 sirdsate etsdsiar disaster tieadssr
12 uaerkqteah uqetraehak auaehqetkr earthquake
13 nmuaits ianusmt tsunami iutnams
14 flooding nfioldog gdoolfni folnigdo
15 epicenter trcienpee epetrcien tneeepicr

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