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Tsunami Vocabulary List & Definitions


Lesser shock after the main shock of an earthquake.
seismograph An instrument that records direction, intensity, and duration of earthquakes.
intensity To an extreme degree.
magnitude The great size of something.
fault A rock formation with a fracture in it.
trough A long, narrow area that moves water from one place to another.
surge An intense wavelike movement.
fjord A narrow and long extension of the sea that has steep cliffs as it's borders.
crest The highest point on a summit, mountain etc.
warning The act of providing notice or caution.
disaster A catastrophic event, often resulting in loss of life and property.
earthquake Intense vibrations that occur in the earth's crust.
tsunami A massive sea wave brought on by an undersea volcanic eruption or seaquake.
flooding A large overflow or flow of water that often occurs on land.
epicenter The main area where activity occurs.

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