Atomic Structure Series

- Classifying Matter
- Great Helpers

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Scientific Method

Application of the Scientific Method

- Apply Each Step
- Form Experiments

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Printable Chemistry Labs

Chemistry is the study of matter. We look at the phases of matter and the interacts between matter. This set of printable chemistry labs has the perfect balance between fun and learning. Student will really love it. Every lab has been kid and teacher tested and approved.

  1. Atomic Structure, Electron Configuration, Classifying Matter, and Nuclear Chemistry Workbook - This workbook is geared for Introductory High School Chemistry students. The workbook focuses on topics related to atomic structure and nuclear chemistry including: determining proton, neutron, electron composition of an atom and ion. electron configuration, electron orbital diagrams, valence electrons, Lewis Dot Diagrams, Identifying compounds, elements, and mixtures Nuclear chemistry, Predicting Nuclear decay, and Half-life.
  2. Cool Down, It's Just Water! - Students observe the cooling rate of water.
  3. Now that's Phun! - A neat pH lab! We look at acids and bases in a fun experiment.
  4. The Biochemical Guessing Game! - Students perform chemical tests to learn what foods contain carbohydrates, lipids, and/or proteins.
  5. The Dissolution Solution!! - Students will learn how soap, alcohol, and temperature differences affect the dissolution speed of water.
  6. The Element Advertising Company - Students are assigned an element and must promote it in a contest like environment.
  7. The Homemade Atom - Have your classes make an atom. Put them all over the classroom ceiling and make your own periodic table.
  8. Up, Up and Away! - Students make a warm air balloons to investigate gas laws.
  9. What's going on here? - This station lab, examines chemical and physical changes.
  10. WOW, That's Hot and Cold! - Examines endothermic versus exothermic reactions.

Chemistry Related Teacher Resources

  1. Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilei
  2. Application of the Scientific Method
  3. Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton
  4. Introduction to the Scientific Method
  5. Paul Dirac, Emil Fischer, Louis Pasteur
  6. Science Graphic Organizers Set
  7. Top 100 Science Vocabulary Words

100 Most Often Used Science Words

- Stimulates Vocabulary
- A Must Have

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Advanced Algebra Pack

- Perfect Chemistry Primer
- Instant Algebra Skills

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