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Problem: Which chemicals found in this lab are acids and which are bases?


Materials: Baking soda solution Table salt solution Lemon juice Vinegar Ammonia/Windex Distilled water Baby food jars Grape juice Fruit punch Beet juice Litmus paper Tweezers


  1. You will first prepare your data chart with your teacher, when your done go on to Procedure #2
  2. You and one partner will go to a station. When you get to that station dip the Litmus paper using tweezers into that solution for 20 seconds.
  3. Match the color of the litmus paper with the key on the bottle and write down the approximate pH of the solution and also write down whether it is an acid or a base.
  4. When you are completed wait for your teacher to move you, than repeat step #1 at that station.



Conclusion Questions:

  1. What are three properties of acids?
  2. What are three properties of bases?
  3. Which solution was the strongest acid in this lab?
  4. Which solution was the strongest base in this lab?

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