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The Homemade Atom

Problem: What is your element's: 1) atomic number 2) Mass Number? How Many 3a) Neutrons 3b) Electrons 3c) Protons does your element have?

Hypothesis: 1)________ 2)_________ 3a)_______ 3b)_______ 3c)_______

Materials: You may use any household item except perishable foods or dangerous chemicals.


  1. This is an individual project. Using the element that you made an ad campaign for, you must first determine your element's atomic number and mass number (use your Periodic Table).
  2. Using the above number determine the number of neutrons, electrons and protons your element has in a single atom.
  3. Using the above numbers make a detailed sketch of an atom of your element. Make sure to display the correct number of neutrons, electrons and protons. This drawing will count for the lab grade of this project.
  4. Your next step is to get this drawing approved by your teacher. Don't lose this you must hand it in later.
  5. Take this drawing home and build a model of this drawing. Remember that this model must have the correct number of neutrons, electrons and protons. This is due one week after your drawing is approved.

Model Regulations: It cannot be bigger than a basketball, you cannot use perishable foods or dangerous Chemicals, and this model must have an area where it can be hung by string.

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