Addition Starter Series

- Counting to triple digit addition.
- Word problems.

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Subtraction Starter Packs

- Visual Subtraction
- Introduction to Differences

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Elementary Sequence Worksheets

Students order a wide variety of items based on alphabetic, numerical and logical order.
  1. Alphabetic Order: Partial Alphabet
  2. Alphabetic Order: Partial Alphabet 2
  3. Alphabetic Order: Blank Alphabet
  4. Circus Alphabetic Order
  5. Numerical Order: Partial Numerical Sequence
  6. Numerical Order: Partial Numerical Seq. 2
  7. Numerical Order: Blank Numerical Sequence
  8. Physical Order: Order of People
  9. Physical Order: Order of People 2
  10. Physical Order: Order of People 3
  11. Sequence Maker Worksheet

Awesome Ordering and Sequence Resources

  1. Addition Starter Pack: Volume 1
  2. Alphabet ABCs Teaching Resources
  3. Alphabetic Order Worksheets
  4. Alphabetic Order Worksheet Maker
  5. Order of Operations Lesson Plans
  6. Progress Report Generator
  7. Sequence Worksheet Maker- Platinum Sample
  8. Sequence: Order of Events Worksheets
File Folders

File Folders Practice

- Ready to use!
- Just cut and paste.

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Word Problems

Basic Word Problems

- Real world connections
- Challenge Students

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