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All about Oceans Lesson Series

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Ocean Animals From Deep

All about Water Lesson Series

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All about Oceans Lesson Series Summary Writing - Oceans
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Ocean Lesson Plans

  1. Ocean Life Mural- Students draw pictures of marine life. Students work together to create a mural.
  2. Ocean Mysteries, Legends, and Customs- Students use the Internet to research mysteries, legends, and customs related to the ocean. Students choose one topic and create a short story about it.
  3. Ocean Puzzle Fun- Students complete word search, word scramble, and maze puzzles with an ocean theme.
  4. Ocean Sensory Center- To feel and experience the ocean in the sand/water table.
  5. Others in and Around the Water- A collection of poems.
  6. Oceans of the World- Students use the Internet or library sources to compare and contrast information about the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic Oceans. Students also locate the oceans on a world map.
  7. Oceans: True or False?- Students take a quiz to test their knowledge of the oceans. (This activity might be used at the start or end of an oceans unit.)
  8. Oil Spill! - Students will experience the cleanup of a simulated oil spill. Students will be able to retell important key concepts relating to the story content.
  9. Ride the Wave!- Students learn about sonar and how sonar works.
  10. Save the Oceans Poster- Students work in pairs to create posters showing things people can do to protect and preserve the oceans.
  11. Shark Surprise- Children will practice their observational skills and reinforce their familiarity with different types of fish while creating their own card game.
  12. The Endangered Ocean Ecosystem - Write persuasively for on an advocacy issue to preserve the ocean ecosystem.
  13. The Ocean Floor- My students found this very interesting and loved to see what that they had copied their ocean floor onto a graph, and of course, paper mache is always messy fun!
  14. The Rainbow Fish- Builds on the book "The Rainbow Fish".
  15. The Rainbow Fish: Other Activities- Cut many different fish out of paper plates, one for each child. The ridges on the plates make really great fins.
  16. There Are Algae in Your House!- Demonstrate that, although we sometimes can neither smell nor taste them, many ingredients in our foods and household products come from the sea. Investigate the foods you eat to determine what algae derivatives they contain.
  17. Under the Sea- Children will create an undersea environment in their classroom while researching interesting facts about their favorite sea creatures.
  18. Watercolor Rainbow Fish- After reading the book and discussing it, we make rainbow fish with watercolors.
  19. Whale Times- Find out how your favorite animals survive in the sea. What they eat, where they live and much more.
  20. Words from the Ocean- Identify how the modern meaning of several words has changed from the sense they originally had in maritime cultures. Recognize how the ocean's prominence in our culture has shaped our language.
Earth Day

Earth's Environment Series

- Global Warming
- The Greenhouse Effect

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All about Water Lesson Series

- Tap or Bottled Water?
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