Lesson Plan : My Trip to the Ocean

Teacher Name:
 Amanda Beaudet

 Science/Language Arts/ Music - Ocean - starfish - sand dollar - Atlantic Ocean - seahorse - whale - Pacific Ocean - beach - underwater - shark -seashore
 The goal of this lesson is to have the students learn about the ocean while completing many different activities that will strengthen their understanding of the ocean.
 1. Students will be able to recall information learned from a previous lesson about the ocean. 2. Students will be able to create an ocean story by drawing pictures on paper plates. 3. Students will explain what they know, would like to know, and have learned about the ocean during the construction of a KWL chart.
 -Take Me Out to the Ocean Song - paper plates - crayons - markers - stapler - chart paper - stencils
 In a previous lesson students listened to a story called The Sea Shore Book by Charlotte Zolotow. They began a KWL Chart. Together they completed the What we already know section. They wrote about the ocean, and the animals that live in the ocean. They also began to learn their ocean song ,Take Me Out To The Ocean.
 - Start lesson by reviewing the ocean names and the ocean animals. - Ask them to recall the names of the oceans. - Ask the students if they can remember any of the ocean animals they had discussed. - Read the story entitled On Our Vacation. - Stop and and questions along the way. - Discuss the things that you would find if you were able to go down into the ocean. - Start the What we want to learn section of the KWL Chart. - Tell the students that they will be making their own story about a trip to the beach. - The students will be making their story by drawing pictures on paper plates. - Show children materials to be used. - After students create their story staple paper plates together to show sequence. - After students have finished their stories construct a KWL chart. -
 - Show the children the model of A Trip to the Ocean book. - Tell the children that they are going to make a book too. - It will be three pages with the first page being an ocean view, the second being the children at the beach, and the third being animals in the ocean. - The third page can be completed with the use of stencils. - The pages can be stapled together when completed.
 - As the teacher walks around, give extra guidance to children that need it. - Pass out paper plates one at a time. This will help to eliminate any confusion during the activity. - Have one or two models on display for this group.
Checking For Understanding:
 - Teacher can ask questions as she walks around the room. - Ask children to answer questions about the book. - Check all finished products. - Review KWL Chart.
 - Have children gather on the rug. - Take turns showing their finished products. - Read I Wonder Why Fish Don't Drown. Discuss. - Complete the What I have learned section on the KWL Chart. - Sing Take Me Out to the Ocean.
 - Finish showing finished product. - Review KWL Chart. - Ask students questions about lessons. What animals live in the ocean? What are the names of the two oceans that touch our shores? What have you learned? Can we add anything to our chart?
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson went very well. The children enjoyed both stories. They loved seeing the finished KWL Chart and seeing that they have learned so much. They loved showing off their very own books! This lesson worked well with all students because it was easy to adapt to the different levels in the classroom.

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