Lesson Plan : Introduction to Oceans

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Karamanoogian
 Grade 2

 Introductions to oceans What is an ocean What lives in the ocean The world is 70% water Identify various ocean creatures Supports many different life forms World wide location of oceans
 Oral reading comprehension Writing journals - Page and print concepts Geography/Social Studies Spelling Vocabulary - word wall Art Literature
 The student will begin to be familiar with the concept of size of oceans in world comparison The student will identify the oceans worldwide. The student will begin to recognize various sea creatures The student will have knowledge of the ocean floor.
 The student will pronounce and write the names of the oceans. Using a map the students will properly label the oceans of the world. The student will complete reading comprehension worksheet
 Magic School Bus-On the Ocean Floor KWL chart worksheets Octopus Word Web World Map art supplies fish tank and supplies bulletin board materials
 Start discussion on what an ocean is. Has anyone ever been to the ocean? Have students relate own ocean experiences KWL chart done as class
 Read aloud Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor Identify unfamiliar words and animals and make a web using an Octopus Answer questions provided to students by teacher orally
 Use large world map to compare size of oceans compared to land mass Students will use world map worksheet to identify, label and color the oceans Begin "My Ocean Book" explanation and handouts of making their own ocean book
Checking For Understanding:
 all students participated in oral discussion paperwork done correctly and neatly Ocean Book started with question page completed for entry
 Students ask questions relate what they learned
Teacher Reflections:

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