Lesson Plan : Oil Spill!

Teacher Name:
 K Dufault/ L Reade
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Students will be learning about the effects of an oil spill in an ocean.
 Basal Reader Story: Oil Spill Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks: Reading/ Language Arts Strand: Standard 8-Understanding a text Standard 13- Nonfiction Composition Strand: Standard 19: Writing
 Students will have a greater understanding of the effects of an oil spill. Students will experience the cleanup of a simulated oil spill. Students will be able to retell important key concepts relating to the story content.
 After listening to the basal reader story Oil Spill students will successfully identify the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the content. Students will create an art project which will simulate an oil spill on a coastline. Students will explore the task of cleaning up an oil spill in water in small groups.
 construction paper, reading text, coloring materials, black paint, straws, plastic containers, cooking oil, liquid soap, sponges, paper towels, string, water
 Prior to our lesson the students will learn about the vocubulary terms in the story Oil Spill. Studetns will listen to the story tape and follow along with the text. Students will then use their imaginations to illustrate a coastline scene featuring marine wildlife and natural features.
 Teachers will model the procedures for the oil spill painting activity using the illustrations as a basis from the prior lesson. Teachers will also model the procedures for the oil spill clean up activity and demonstrate how to complete the center recording sheet.
 During the lesson the students will complete the following: Students will complete a graphic organizer that outlines the story structure cooperatively. After discussion following the activity the students will then be divided into two groups. Students will simpuate an oil spill by participating in a painting which will incorporate their creative coastal scenes. Students will attempt to clean an oil spill in a container of water and cooking oil using various materials to help them.
 Strudents will have the oportunity to share their ideas within small groups. Students will have the opprotunity to collaborate when completing the center recording sheets. Students will be able to chose a writing topic/ point of view for a writing lesson to follow on Thursday which will coincide with the oil spill paintings. Students will have the opportunuty to chose a "In Response" acivity for the story on Friday in the form of performing a skit, writing a letter, or teacher guided exploration on the Internet.
Checking For Understanding:
 Student work mentioned above will be used as assessment.
 Share findings related to the oil spill cleanup experiment. Share stories written based on the oil spill paintings. Complete the "In Response" activities and allow the students to perform their skits.
 Teachers will note if the students display and understanding of the story structure. Also, the teachers will focus on the students' individual/groups work habits during hands-on exploration.
Teacher Reflections:

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