Lesson Plan : The Endangered Ocean Ecosystem

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 Grade 3

 The Endangered Ocean Ecosystem
 Students will address the dangers posed to the ocean ecosystem during this Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) assignment and what they can do to save the system by educating the public about the environmental dangers that the ocean ecosystem faces and advocating for changes aimed at preserving the marine environment.
 The learner will demonstrate the ability to create and communicate a project for an "authentic" audience with a real interest in or practical use for the material created (for example a book for 2nd grade readers, a lesson on environmental science for 9th graders, or a presentation for a community organization).
  The learner will demonstrate the ability to: Develop a critical stance in regard to marine environmental issues and identify actions that can help preserve the ocean ecosystem. Use a variety of resources to locate and organize information for their final project. Develop Interpersonal Skills. Synthesize researched information to create a product which educates the public about and or advocates for a particular Create compelling text and visual graphics using artistic skill, various hardware and or software programs for the final product conservation practice intended to preserve the ocean ecosystem. Write persuasively for on an advocacy issue to preserve the ocean ecosystem
 Access to word processing, internet connection, database, desktop publishing, clip art, power point software, Pod casts or electronic film software, digital still and video camera, computer hardware to record DVD, projection system to show presentations, scanner to scan pictures for presentations microphone for pod cast or voice overs and a DVD player.
 Teacher will review with students the advocacy project requirements and the corresponding assessment rubric.
 Teacher will explain what "advocate" means and ask students to explain why the ocean needs an advocate. Teacher will introduce the types of advocacy organizations and their advocay efforts on behalf of the ocean. Class will discuss what techniques they have seen advertisers use to persuade the public and influence their behavior. Finally the students will work in groups to choose a envionemental stance they wish to advocate for and the vehicle they will use to meet the project objectives.
 Students will complete a graphic organizer for the purpose of planning their research, strategy, materials needed and timeline for completion of tasks.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will conference with teacher after their group completes each section of the projects assignment: Preparation and planning Research and gathering reuqired information Creation of the product Editing of the produ ct Self and peer assessment Public implementation and communication of the product
 Students will summarize their project efforts and communicate the effectiveness of their efforts to their class.
 Students will be evaluated using a -----------rubric to assess their content knowledge, critical thinking, process skills,and work habits.
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