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Earth Day Tsunamis
Earth's Properties Volcanoes
Earth's History, Earth Day, and Water Weather
Even Kids Can Help the Earth! Lesson Set Forces of Nature Lesson Series
Rocks Mother Earth Has Problems?

Earth Science Lesson Plans

  1. Earth Bags- Students will write and illustrate ideas for helping our environment on paper grocery bags that will be distributed at the local grocery store.
  2. Earth Matters- Students will understand and be able to identify the Earth's equator, prime meridian, lines of latitude, lines of longitude, parallels, and meridians.
  3. Floating Plates on the Earth- Science students develop a concept map to help them organize information, on Plate Tectonics, after reading a selection. Students then organize notes into an outline to further demonstrate knowledge of this topic.
  4. Martian Real Estate: A Good Investment?- This lesson has students compare the landscapes of Mars and Earth and explore why the two planets are so different. They will conclude by writing letters convincing fictitious family friends that it is probably not a good idea to invest in Martian real estate.
  5. Monster Waves- In this activity, students will build a tabletop village and use it to visualize the relative height and affects of gigantic waves called tsunamis.
  6. Our Physical Environment - At the the completion of the lesson pupils must be able to identify the mountain ranges of mauritius.
  7. Retrograde Motion- Students will learn the terms for objects in the heavens. Demonstrate the basic motions of heavenly bodies.
  8. Save Our Earth- Students research current environmental problems in order to develop and deliver an oral presentation. This presentation will persuade the audience to act on the student's point of view on the issue.
  9. Satellite Communication- This is a hands-on demonstration of the communication between the EUVE satellite and a scientist on Earth.
  10. Science Education Gateway- over 200 useful lessons.
  11. Seasons Review- This lesson has students distinguish the four seasons after listening to the book Frederick by Leo Lionni.
  12. Shadow Sticks and the Sun- Our shadows change over the course of the day and through the seasons. When is your shadow the shortest? When is your shadow the longest?
  13. Solar and Wind Power: Clean Energy
  14. Space: The Final Frontier- This is a series of experiments about space. This unit was designed for use in the second grade.
  15. Stress and Strain- To show the stress and strain involved in the movements of the earth's crust with the use of working models.
  16. The Lunar and Terrestrial Tug of War- Students work in groups to locate, comprehend, interpret, and evaluate information about celestial bodies that influence ocean tides on Earth. Students apply this information through graphic representations.
  17. Touring Through the Beginning of Earth- Students create a series of newspaper articles about different theories of how life began on Earth.
  18. Understanding Rotation- This lesson helps students develop a better understanding of the rotation of the earth through a hands-on experiment.
  19. Water: A Never-Ending Story- Could you be drinking the same water a saber tooth tiger lapped up?
  20. Way Cool Tools for Mars Exploration- Five activities that follow the NASA mission.
  21. What On Earth- What on Earth Is Earth Science? That is what students discover in this lesson through concept mapping, discussion, and self-discovery.

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Forces of Nature Lesson Series

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