Volcano Theme Volcano Worksheets

Volcano Lesson Plans

  • Cake Batter Lava- To understand some of the geological processes and the structures that form as lava flows across planetary landscapes by using cake batter as an analog for lava.
  1. Gelatin Volcanoes- To understand how and why magma moves inside volcanoes.
  2. Geological Cycles - The learner will build an understanding of geological cycles, forces, processes and agents which shape the lithosphere.
  3. How to Make a Volcano Model- The model below is an example of a simple, effective way to recreate a volcanic eruption. Warning: Be careful when handling ingredients. Children should be supervised by an adult. Ingredients should be kept away from the eyes.
  4. Introduction to Volcanoes - Students will identify what they know about volcanoes and what they would like to learn about volcanoes.
  5. Lava Layering- To learn about the stratigraphy of lava flows produced by multiple eruptions.
  6. Pedal Power - In this lesson, students investigate slope as a rate of change. Students compare, contrast, and make conjectures based on distance-time graphs for three bicyclists climbing to the top of a mountain.
  7. Piles of Fire- To investigate how particle size affects the angle of a volcano's slope.
  8. Types of Volcanic Landforms - Student groups become experts on one type of volcano and teach the class about their volcano.
  9. Viscosity- To determine how fluid a liquid really is by measuring its viscosity.
  10. VOLCANOES GUIDED READING 1 - Students' will create volcano mini-books based upon new information given in text, and identify the cause/effect relationships (chain of events) addressing the following: What is a volcano? What causes a volcano to erupt?
  11. Volcanoes - Students will be able to create a concept map describing the volcano type assigned and give a presentation to the class or small group.
  12. Volcanoes Modules Page- A complete unit.