Lesson Plan : Geological Cycles

Teacher Name:
 Catherine Joyner
 Grade 6

 Geological cycles, forces and the lithosphere
 Science Vocabulary: continental drift plate-tectonic theory Laurasia Wegener lithosphere Gondwanaland seafloor spreading asthenosphere Mercalli Scale Richter Scale epicenter aftershock Seismologists magma subduction fault Ring of Fire plate plate - boundary volcanoes
 the learner will build an understanding of geological cycles, forces, processes and agents which shape the lithosphere.
 obj. 3.01 Students will evaluate the forces that shape the lithosphere including 1. Crustal plate movement 2. folding and faulting 3. deposition 4. volcanic activity 5. earthquakes obj. 3.02 Students will examine earthquakes and volcano patterns.
 Reading Comprehension on each topic in objectives, vocabulary worksheets with different exercises (ABC order, definitions, spelling, unscramble word, crossword puzzle, missing vowel, wordsearch), teacher made worksheets, Teacher made scavenger hunt, web sites, video, television, and overhead
 Student will discuss title of reading and talk about what they think the reading(s) will be about. We will then look at and talk about the highlighted words and their meanings.
 Teacher and students will read orally all reading selections and discuss each paragraph.
 Student will be given an assignment to go with the reading selection. Teacher will go over each section of the assignment and explain what they are to do on each section. (teacher will ask if there are any questions. If students have no question they will begin their activities.
 * allow peer or adult to read text aloud to the student(s) * have students read aloud in small groups on a volunteer basis, being certain that a disabled reader can contribute some other way later. * modify worksheet if needed * preteach vocabulary words * allow extra time if necessary to complete the task
Checking For Understanding:
 graded assignment and teacher monitoring students work will assess students understanding of what they are doing and need assistance
 Collect papers and ask if any student needs more time to complete assignment. If more time is needed they can take home assignment and finish it or they can come in after school and complete or they can come during PE or elective if teacher will allow.
 How will student do on assignments will measure their progress on the assignments.
Teacher Reflections:
 Each lesson will follow these guide lines. All of the following topics will be covered in this Unit. 1. Crustal plate movement 2. folding and faulting 3. deposition 4. volcanic activity 5. earthquakes

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