Lesson Plan : Our Physical Environment

Teacher Name:
 Mrs Gopy
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 History and Geography
 Mauritius Main relief features Mountain Ranges
 At the the completion of the lesson pupils must be able to identify the mountain ranges of mauritius.
 At the end of the lesson the pupils should be able to: 1. identify mountain ranges as a relief of Mauritius 2. list the mountain ranges of Mauritius 3. name isolated peaks 4. join all mountain with a dotted line. 5. label the mountain ranges and isolated peaks
 ICT- film viewing, Maps, Atlas
 Teacher will make pupils watch a small film on the relief of Mauritius. Then teacher asks pupils about what they have seen. The teacher explains that the mountain ranges form part of the reliefs of Mauritius
 Then teacher esplains that long time ago, in fact all these mountains form part of a big volcano. Teacher projects a slide of the map of mauritius with mountain ranges. With time rivers like Grand River North West, Grand River South East, Riviere do Poste and other rivers carved out their way through the volcano to form valleys and isolated peaks. Teacher used the outline map being projected on the board to name the Mountain Ranges. Teacher starts from the north 1.Port Louis Moka Range 2. Black River range 3. Savanne Range Then names the Isolated Peaks. Teacher tells pupils that the isolated peaks are being named after people or according to their shapes or their colour. 1. Pieter Both - A Dutch governor 2. Le Pouce - It ressenbles the thumb 3. Corps de Garde - part of it ressenble a guard lying down 4. Piton de la petite riviere noire - according to its colour Mountain Ranges were named according to the region they are situated. Port Louis Moka Range is found on the boundary of the two districts.
 Teacher ask pupils to join all the mountain ranges and peaks together to make a circle. Then teacher explains that it form part of a big volcno which formed Mauritius.
 Teacher bring pupils in the yard and ask pupils to look around them and to look for mountain ranges or mountain peaks and find from their atlas which mountain range or peak it is
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher ask pupils to trace the map and then to mountain ranges and peaks and to label them
 Finally teacher summaries by saying that Mountain Ranges form part of the relief of mauritius. Secondly states that all the mountain ranges and isolated peaks were part of a big volcano, rivers carved out through the valleys to form mountain ranges and isolated peaks. Teacher names the mountain ranges and isolated peaks. Teacher remind that Mountain were names from places situated, people, shapes and from colour.
 1. Trace an outline map of Mauritius along with the Mountain Ranges and isolated peaks. 2. Mark and name 3 mountai ranges, two mountain peaks and three isolated peaks. 3. Join all the mountain and find out which shape it does have.
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