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French Lesson Plans

  1. A La Tele- Recognize names of TV Channels, program times (in 24 hour clock), types of TV programs and review likes and dislikes of programming.
  2. ALLONS AU TOUR DE FRANCE!- Learn about the Tour de France, its history and racers, and some French geography.
  3. AVEZ-VOUS FAIM?- In this activity, we will be visiting a web site about food with links to other food-related web pages.
  4. Describing People In French - To teach students different vocabulary to enable them describe people in Target Language.
  5. French Activities & Quizzes- This is a nice collection of Java applets which provide a variety of practice and quiz material on French and French culture.
  6. French Dining - Students will be able to function in a restaraunt setting by the end of the class period.
  7. Introduction to the French Language - To know the similarities between French and English.
  8. Le Cirque: A Global Simulation- Students create a graphic organizer to present various aspects of some twenty French cities in which the circus might perform; a database to rate, according to specific cultural and economic criteria, ten cities chosen to be visited from amongst the twenty; a web page presenting the circus' program, performances and performers.
  9. Le jeu de pinces- This is not a lesson plan but a great idea to encourage students to speak French.
  10. Le Shopping au Paris- In this activity we will be visiting web sites to shop from Les Trois Suisses, the popular mail order-catalog that millions of people throughout the French-speaking world use to buy clothes, items for the home and gifts.
  11. Le Tour de France- Become more familiar with map of France. Review dates and names of days of week.
  12. Le Tour de France 1999- To use the Internet to learn up to date cultural information about the French speaking world.
  13. Le Tour du Monde Francophone- Compose flight announcements/Present them. Listen to flight announcements to reconstruct others' itineraries.
  14. Les Animaux de la Ferme Lesson Plan- Students will be able to identify and associate appropriate animal sounds to farm animals both orally and in writing.
  15. Letters and Numbers- To teach the French pronunciation and spelling of letters and numbers and to provide an introduction to "special characters."
  16. Mangeons a Paris!- Learn advanced vocabulary pertaining to food and restaurants.
  17. Manger A Paris: Revision Arrondissements et Restaurants- In this activity we will be visiting web sites for restaurants in Paris.
  18. Paris la Nuit- You will be visiting Web sites for night clubs in Paris. List below the information you would expect to find in an ad for a night club.
  19. Patrick Bruel French Singer- Use information about someone to compose a portrait of that person through diverse application activities.
  20. Picture-Taking to Learn Vocabulary - Vocabulary in the French language that is necessary to master in order to begin learning the language.
  21. Shopping in La Redoute Catalogue- . In this activity, you will visit the web site for the popular mail order catalogue company that millions of French people use to buy clothes, items for the home and other products.
  22. The Photo-French Reflex- The students wrote the 48-page booklet in French and created accompanying grammar explanations, exercises, and tests.
  23. Trois Recettes de Trois Pays Francophones- Even the lesson plan is in French.
  24. Un Arbre Genealogique- The following unit is an extension of a family theme for French 2 and/or 3, for both individual and groups of four students and for block scheduling equalling a three-day lesson.
  25. Un Grand Magasin a Paris- In this activity we will be visiting the catalogue pages of a department store in Paris.
  26. Visite Virtuelle du Louvre- In this activity we will take a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum in Paris.
  27. Weather- Explain the weather in certain cities and regions of France.

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