Lesson Plan : Introduction to the French Language

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 Ms. Alexandra Galindo
 World Languages

 Introduction to the French language � Map of France, Pronunciation rules, Similarities with English; Intro to the IPA; what do you know about the French language and culture, Where is it spoken?
 Capital of France, Countries bordering France; elision; French accent names
 1. To familiarize with the map of France, to know where else is French spoken 2. To correctly pronounce French sounds 3. To know the similarities between French and English;
 1. Pronounce each vowel and use example where vowel is used. 2. Write a basic Sentence structure (SOV), observe the similarity and difference. 3. Realize how much French you already know
 � Barron�s Learn French (Fran�ais) The Fast and Fun Way, 2nd Edition by Elizabeth Bourquin Leete (use with audio cassettes). � Flash cards with French accents, words, sounds � IPA Chart for French sounds only
 1. Show the map of France, point out surrounding countries, point out the capital. 2. Read the intro about the French language and culture 3. Explain a few simple rules about the French pronunciation
 1. Demonstration of different accents, names, sounds 2. Demonstration of other French letters and their sounds 3. Examples with elision; Similar sentence structure
 1. Practice saying each French letter sound in book, repeat 2. Practice the IPA sounds 3. Practice writing the French accents
 1. Write out each word with the letter sound : highlight and repeat 2. Write out and say sentence out loud 3. Write out words that are similar
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Show French accent and ask which is it, example of word 2. Say sound and write out French letter and word 3. Dictation of words
 1. Summarize French intro and map 2. Emphasis that pronunciation is not hard at all, just practice saying those individual sounds with examples of words. 3. Remember the IPA for French sounds
 1. How would I rate myself? 2. What could I do to improve?
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