Lesson Plan : French Dining

Teacher Name:
 Lorraine Qualle
 Grade 4
 World Languages

 French Dining
 Vocabulary will include foods, items used at the table, and phrases used when ordering from a menu.
 Students will be able to order from a menu at a (mock)French restaurant using vocabulary learned. They will also be able to ask the waiter for any table items that they need. Students who play waiters and waitresses need to know how to set the table as ordered by their boss.
 Students will be able to function in a restaraunt setting by the end of the class period.
 plates, utensils, napkins, glassware, menus, tab for taking orders, tables (desks), fake food
 You will dine at Le Cafe Francais today. Some of you will be clients while others will be restaurant staff. Bon Appetit!
 The teacher will set a place setting at a table using the vocabulary. She will also demonstrate how to place an order from the menu.
 The teacher can ask the students in French to give her the "plate" or the "napkin", etc to get the students to understand that vocabulary. Do the same with any fake food that you may have.
Checking For Understanding:
 Watch the students in their role play of a French dining experience. The teacher can be the boss telling the waiter how to prepare the table. The waiter must then take the order of the customer once they arrive and serve them correctly. they will say "Here is your chicken" as they serve.
 Ask students what they learned from this role play and what they forund interesting about the lesson.
 Students will master this activity if they are able to use at least 5 vocabulary words correctly and appropriately.
Teacher Reflections:

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