Lesson Plan : Describing People In French

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Yatally
 Grade 7-8
 World Languages

 To describe people physically and personally
 Ways of describing people: Verbs needed, colors needed. Key Vocabulary and practice works. je suis, j'ai, marron, blanc, yeux, cheveux, frisés, bouclés, court(e), Petit(e), Grand(e), Mince, gros, droit, Assez, Très, et, Longs, Mi-Longs
 To teach students different vocabulary to enable them describe people in Target Language (TL). To introduce the key verbs needed and key vocabulary which is essential for sentence making.
 At the end of the lesson: All will be able to tell me the color of their hair and eyes in TL Most will be able to describe themselves using a minimum of the vocabulry introduced/explained. Some will be able to describe themselves and others using a maximum or all of the vocabulary given/explained.
 As it is a beginner lesson, this might be the first lesson on how to describe people, so there will be a lot of intake from students. Loads to explain and loads of note taking. Practice material will be listening activity, wriiten/translation work, and wordsearch. Power Point Presentation
 Starter Students practice theory knowledge and understanding of colors when they find the corresponding word for each of the colours. The starter sets the mood for the lesson and is a short and sharp actitivity.
 I introduce the topic and most importantly, the auxiliaries(the verbs that needs to be learned to be able to make sentences)and loads of intake from the teacher in this first session as pupils need to understand this basic theory to be able to continue independently. Following sessions will be more student based and they will work independently under supervision.
 Practice material will be available and will be monitored at all times.
Checking For Understanding:
 Short Plenary Reason: Pupils have learned a lot in terms of chunks and the plenary is kept short and brief. Q&A session.
Teacher Reflections:

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