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Ultimate Valentine's Day Series

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Valentine's / Valentines Day Lesson Plans

February Reading and Worksheet Series The Ultimate Valentine's Day Series
Language Arts: Valentines Theme Workbook Valentine's Day Theme Workbook
Monthly Helpers - February, Vol. 1 Valentine's Day Worksheets
Monthly Helpers - February, Vol. 2 Valentine's Day Teaching Theme


February Reading Series

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February Helpers

February Monthly Helpers Vol. 2

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More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Detective Valentine- To improve fitness and work together while solving a valentine's day puzzle.
  2. Dia de San Valentin- Students listen and repeat common phrases associated with Valentine's Day and create a Valentine for someone, using the Spanish phrases they learned.
  3. Graphing Valentine Candies- The student will learn to organize and display information in bar graph form using appropriate labels.
  4. Heart Day- Every year near February 14th our school celebrates Heart Day.
  5. In A Heartbeat- An experiment which demonstrates our pulse and shows that we each really do have a beating heart.
  6. Show You Care- Students construct a four-line poem to be used on the inside of a Valentine's Day card. They use a digital camera to show themselves to their "buddies" (local nursing home patients) who will receive the cards on Valentine's Day.
  7. Symmetry- The students will use geoboards to create shapes and then show their line(s) of symmetry. The students will create a Valentine's Day card using symmetry.
  8. Teachers Monthly Helpers - February, Vol. 1 - The 30 worksheets in the workbook provide nearly a worksheet a day for the month of February. Each identifies an event for either the month of February or a specific day of the month and has students complete a task related to that event.
  9. Teachers Monthly Helpers - February, Vol. 2 - The 30 worksheets in the workbook relate to February themes of interest to early elementary students. The format of the worksheets include phonics, graphic organizers, writing prompts, and word skills.
  10. The Ultimate Valentine's Day Series - This wonderful series of lessons and reading comprehension worksheets helps students understand the ins and outs of Valentine�s Day. Each reading includes an extended reading passage, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and a complete answer key.
  11. Top 10 Tips for Incorporating Valentine's Day Themes in Your Classroom- When many people think of Valentine's Day, they picture chocolate hearts, roses, and gushy cards. However, there are other ways that you can incorporate this romantic holiday into your classroom. Here are some fun and creative ways to add learning to the love.
  12. Valentine's Day 2002 Teaching Tip lesson plan- A unit plan available in HTML or Word Format.
  13. Valentine's Day Theme Workbook - This collection of worksheets present puzzles, graphs, vocabulary activities, poems, alphabetization, graphic organizers, border paper, spelling, handwriting, and a complete answer key. All worksheets use vocabulary words and themes related to Valentines Day.
  14. Valentine's Theme Workbook - This collection of worksheets present alphabetization and word scramble worksheets using words related to Valentines Day.
  15. Valentine Volley- Neat idea!

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February Monthly Helpers

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