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  1. A Grain of Rice vs. The Grain of Rice- Compare both books and discuss which book has a richer text.
  2. China The Country - The goal is to create student groups of three who will complete an online scavenger hunt focused on China.
  3. China Unit Kickoff - To help students debunk the myths they hold about China.
  4. Chinese New Year Activities- In these activities, students learn about Chinese New Year or Spring Festival and do lantern, paper cut and scroll activities related to the celebration of Chinese New Year.
  5. Crossing the Deserts of China- After resting up and replenishing their supplies in the trading city of Kashgar, Marco Polo and his father and uncle continued eastward on their journey from Venice to China.
  6. Cultural Effects of The Great Wall of China for the Chinese- Upon viewing a Powerpoint presentation or a video on China and reading the lesson in the textbook, the students will show their understanding of how The Great Wall influenced Chinese culture by writing a 3 paragraph essay.
  7. Debate on Censorship- This Lesson was designed to be used in conjunction with the study of Ancient China, but is extremely adaptable to many times and cultures.
  8. Exploring the Silk Road - This lesson plan introduces kids to vocabulary terms associated with eastern trade and Marco Polo's journeys to China.
  9. Following the Great Wall of China- Explain the construction of the Great Wall as a product of the period in which it was built.
  10. One Country / Two Systems- In this lesson, you will visit web sites that will help you compare and evaluate the economic and political systems of China and Hong Kong.
  11. Post Cards From China- In this activity, students design a postcard from China.
  12. The Age of Imperialism- "The Age of Imperialism" remains a work in progress.
  13. The Eyes of the Empress: Women in Tang Dynasty China- Take advantage of the interest in Disney's movie, Mulan, to create a China based curriculum unit. Here are some links to help you get started!
  14. The Three Doctrines & Legalism- Buddhist, Taoist, Confucianist, Legalist: How would each behave when faced with the same problem?