Lesson Plan Title : Ancient China and Chinese New Year

Overview and Purpose: Students look at various Chinese traditions and cultural phenomena. Includes:

Year of the Rabbit

Kung Hay Fat Choy

Chinese Zodiac-What sign are you?

Lai See


1. Complete activity sheet

2. Create a lantern

3. Create Lai See

4. Complete Venn Diagram of CNY and KNY


1. Students will be able to compare and contrast Confucianism and Taoism.

2. Students will be able to identify the geographical characteristics that allowed for civilization to develop in China.

3. Students will be able to analyze what role the mandate from heaven played in the changes of dynastic rule in Ancient China.

4. Students will be able to classify the ways in which Shi Huangdi Unified China.

5.Students will be able to identify and explain the significance of Ancient Chinese monuments.

6. Students will gain an understanding of the meaning of Chinese new year and find their own zodiac sign.

7. Students will compare Chinese New Year with Korean New Year.


Books on China and Korea, Promethean Board, activity sheet and Art Templates/supplies,



1. Students will get into groups no larger than 4

2. Students will create their dynasty name.

3. Students will create a flag for their dynasty.

4. View the video that introduces CNY

5. We will then discuss Lai See


1. Show how to figure out what zodiac sign you were born under.

2. Show how to find characteristics of your zodiac sign.

3. Show examples of how to find information using books and the internet.

4. Describe the concept of division of labor.

Class Practice:

1. Lai See worksheet

2. Sutdents will be split into 2 groups CNY and KNY

3. Using a PowerPoint I will reinforce the answers to the questions on the Lai See worksheet.

Independent Practice:

1. Create Lai See

2. Create Chinese Lantern

3. Complete interactive worksheet

4. Students will formulate ideas to share on Class Vennn Diagram

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction):

1. Wait time for answering of the questions 1 minute each question.

2. Show examples of completed Art work.

Learning Checkup:

1. We will review correct answers for interactive sheet as a group to gauge understanding.

2. Complete Venn Diagram on Pormathean Board

3. Each student has 80% accurate answers on interactive worksheet

4. Each student completes Venn Diagram of compare and contrast with Korean New year.