Lesson Plan : A Grain of Rice/ The Grain of Rice

Teacher Name:
 Diane Miller
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 A Grain of Rice by Helena Clair Pittman vs. The Grain of Rice by Demi
  vocabulary and spelling for both of thee books and to understand the difference in terms surrounding the cultures. famine, India, China, province, raja, trickle, clever, plentiful, contents, decreesd, halt, deed, implore, reward, exclaim, palace, emporer, humble, peasant, storeroom, Imperial, proclamation,
 Compare both books and discuss which book has a richer text.
 To be able to use vocabulary words in a conversation the correst way. To show understanding of how the peasant and the peasant girl wee different as well as the same.
 video of both China and India. journals,
 Read both book s over the period of two weeks and prepare To discuss the differences of the cultures compare to ours. Notice that one is a chapter book and one is a picture book. Discuss which one the children enjoyed better and have them explain why.
 compare class systems How was the rice delivered How would we deliver the rice How would the rice be delivered in 100 years
 Aplpahbetize vocabulary words. Do a word search match definitions write your own version of the story using another culture
 Have someone come and speak either Chinese or Indian to show a language difference. Allow the cjildren time to try to write there name in Indian one week and Chinese the following. If time allows let them write more.
Checking For Understanding:
  See if the children could think of there own grain of rice story, but allow them to use another important commodity
 At the end of two weeks we would have a short acting out of one of the titles to show the children understood the diffenrence in culture and how claver the peasant and Rani were.
 Ceck the children's understanding of the vocabulary words and if they are able to explain prolificly which bookthey liked better. Did they write there own grain of rice story well. Did they use proper grammar and sentence structure?
Teacher Reflections:
 Was there a sign of understanding. Did the assignments meet the needs of the children at there age level? Did they like it. What more could have been done to further there understanding of the book differences.

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