Lesson Plan : China Unit Kickoff

Teacher Name:
 J. Leyden
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 What do we know about China?
 Brainstorm what students know so that we can proceed from there Check holiday homework
 Find out what students know Inspire them about China
 For students to share what they know - at least one comment from every student Debunk the myths they hold about China, and encourage them to take risks and to be wrong Inspire them about China and its place in the news these days
 Globe and Mail plethora of articles Notes about China from CBC news documentary World Map Provincial achievement test (we will go way beyond this - this is the ultimate minimum) Text Answers to text Flip chart Proxima - pull up the CIA facts about China
 Ask them what they know about China: Where in the world is it? What is its culture like? Language? Population? What do you want to know?
 As they share, debunk myths, compare it to Japan (often confused with China), JUST ENGAGE THEM IN DISCUSSION DIALOGUE note taking
 Check their homework in groups, picked by Popsicle sticks. Share at this point how I learned about bullying at the conference. How it harms, how we all need to like each other for who we are. How preventing bullying and sticking up for each other and being part of a caring community is all part of social studies Bill Belsey - guru of anti-bullying asked me to be on a committee to review letters from kids who are bullied... I'll accept. The reason I'm talking about this in Social Studies, is that SS is a venue for us to be excellent citizens of the world. Respect other cultures, others close to home. THIS IS WHY WE STUDY CHINA!!!!!!!!!
 none; just be aware of students who are "Sinologists" and make sure extensions are available for them in future lessons, especially in our web quest.
Checking For Understanding:
 Journal Homework
 Key points - reviewed by teacher SS journal three key things they think were important today in SS
Teacher Reflections:

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