Lesson Plan : China The Country

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 The Country of China
 The focus is on the contemporary country of China with beginning information on ancient China.
 The goal is to create student groups of three who will complete an online scavenger hunt focused on China. This will act as a precursor to a longer unit on ancient China.
 The students will work in groups of three to complete an online scavenger hunt related to China during one class period as an introdution to the ancient Chinesse unit of study and complete it with at least 85% accuracy.
 internet connection with overhead projector laptops for student usage printed copies of online scavenger hunt
 The teacher will give a brief oral quiz of items related to China. The questions will come from the scavenger hunt. After a pre-quiz is completed and responses written on the board, the teacher will proceed with an explanation on what the activity involves.
 The teacher will provide the internet link to the scavenger hunt. Students will sign in and access the internet link. The teacher will walk around and assist students as needed.
 The teacher will demonstrate via the overhead how to complete the first question/ search of the scavenger hunt.
 For students with disabilities, the classroom aide will work independently with the students.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of class, the students will go over orally the information collected during the scavenger hunt. The teacher will post the answers on the overhead.
 The students will summarize in written response the key information they learned during the activity. They will also come the group work rubric to assess themselves and other group members.
 Most groups had time to finish; however, a few did not due to technical problems. The material seemed appropriate for the age group, and they enjoyed to online aspect of the material.
Teacher Reflections:
 The lesson was almost too long for the given time period. It would work best if the students were allowed to cover the information over two class periods. The ending activity seemed rushed and students did not have adequate time to reflect on their summaries and reflections of group work.

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