Printable Memorial Day Worksheets and Puzzles

Memorial Day is a holiday that is dedicated to honoring those who were killed defending our country. This holiday falls on the last Monday in the month of May. The National Moment of Remembrance resolution was passed in December of 2000, which states that at 3 p.m. local time, all Americans should stop what they are doing and take a few minutes to remember our freedom and the servicemen and women that died giving us that freedom.

In honor of Memorial Day, we have added a bunch of printable worksheets that can be used in class. Plus, we have a very educational lesson plan explaining the history of Memorial Day. There are several activities to choose from, including crossword puzzles and reading comprehension worksheets. In addition, we offer educators a May monthly helper workbook to help keep organized with the many events that take place during May.

With the current military action across the world; we have to take the time to honor those that protect us in our respective nations. Right now thousands of husbands / wives, fathers / mothers, brothers / sisters, daughters / sons, and granddaughters / grandsons are giving their all to make sure we are safe a secure.

A wide range of help is available for Memorial Day Weekend. Memorial Day is always the last Monday in the month of May. The holiday is observed to honor men and women who gave their life while serving their country.

  1. Bank On It- No Word Bank
  2. Bank On It- With Word Bank
  3. Bank On It- Answer Key
  4. Creative Writing Worksheet
  5. Memorial Day Acrostic Poem
  6. Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle
  7. Memorial Day KWL
  8. Memorial Day Circle Spelling Worksheet
  9. Memorial Day Missing Letter Spelling
  10. Memorial Day Spelling Worksheet Answers
  11. Memorial Day Vocabulary Quiz
  12. Memorial Day Vocabulary Word List
  13. Memorial Day Word Wall
  14. Spiral Puzzle
  15. Spiral Puzzle Answer Key
  16. Word Chop
  17. Word Search
  18. Word Search Answer Key
  19. Word Scramble
  20. Word Scramble Answer Key

Veterans Day Worksheet Sets

  1. Adjectives Worksheets- Veterans
  2. Adjectives Worksheets- War
  3. Acrostic Poem
  4. Bank On It! Worksheet
  5. Crossword Puzzle
  6. Cryptogram
  7. Do The Research- Veterans
  8. Group Creative Writing
  9. KWL
  10. Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  11. Veterans Maze
  12. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  13. Vocabulary Quiz
  14. Word Chop
  15. Word Scramble Worksheet
  16. Word Search Worksheet

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