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Veterans Crossword Puzzle Worksheet


1. a military force that has been trained and is prepared for war on land.

3. an armed body of soldiers consisting of multiple units

5. a military member that is trained for special assignments, usually involving speed and discreetness

6. a soldier or person who has weapons on their person

7. a unit assigned to protect and defend a territory or property

8. a lineup of large boats that are getting ready for a fight

9. to earn credit or distinction for actions or service

10. the branch of a military consisting of warships that does the sea battle of a nation

13. a unit of the military that fights on foot as opposed to in the air or at sea

14. a person who has served in a military group, either during wartime or peacetime


2. an item or statement that preserves the memory of something

4. the ability to face fear or daunting situations without hesitation or anxiety

5. a service involving a dedication or the remembrance of something

11. a portion of a military unit that operates on horseback

12. the characteristic of showing no fear in the face of an adverse situation





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