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Veterans Vocabulary

fleet a lineup of large boats that are getting ready for a fight
guard a unit assigned to protect and defend a territory or property
honor to earn credit or distinction for actions or service
infantry a unit of the military that fights on foot as opposed to in the air or at sea
armed a soldier or person who has weapons on their person
army a military force that has been trained and is prepared for war on land.
memorial an item or statement that preserves the memory of something
navy the branch of a military consisting of warships that does the sea battle of a nation
troop an armed body of soldiers consisting of multiple units
veteran a person who has served in a military group, either during wartime or peacetime
bravery the characteristic of showing no fear in the face of an adverse situation
cavalry a portion of a military unit that operates on horseback
commando a military member that is trained for special assignments, usually involving speed and discreetness
commemoration a service involving a dedication or the remembrance of something
courage the ability to face fear or daunting situations without hesitation or anxiety


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