Math Puzzle Worksheets

These puzzles practice a wide variety of math skills. Students will use all basic operator skills you can think of. They can be as easy as telling time and as difficult as mid-level algebra skills.

Focus On Basic Math

More Difficult Puzzles

Addition Math Box Puzzle
Fill in any of the missing numbers to complete the sums.
Operations Block Puzzle
This is a little out of the box. Students can have trouble with it at first.
Multiples of 5 and 7 Puzzle
A basic multiples puzzle.
Finding the Number 1 Puzzle
Do this one very carefully and pay attention to every move your make.
Greatest Sum Puzzle
Find the sums of each row and column. This is a pretty easy one.
Cross Number Puzzle with All Operations
We use all operations under the PEMDAS rainbow.
Which is Greater Simple Puzzle
A puzzle for Kindergartners.
Making 15 Puzzle
This is a pre-algebra sheet.
Addition and Subtraction Cross Number Puzzle
This is a neat puzzle that focuses on sums and differences.
Mixed Word Based Operations Crossnumber Puzzle
All the problems are number sentences.
Sum and Difference of Balls Puzzle
This is a neat way to start reverse adding and subtracting.
Multiplication Crossnumber Puzzle
We only work with products on this one.
Mixed Operations Math Cross Number Puzzle
Slightly more advanced than the sheet above.
Fill in the Missing Sum Puzzle 11 to 99
We work with large sums to increase the difficulty.
Math Box Multiplication Puzzle
A super way to review these skills.
Secret Math Puzzle
Repeated addition as multiplication.
Practicing Subtraction Puzzle
Practice a four-way subtraction block of single and double digits.
Complete the Sequence Puzzle
Finish each of three missing parts of the sequence.
Product Math Box Puzzle
Find the parts of the missing whole.
Shading Odds and Primes Puzzle
Find all the primes and circle them.
Sums of Numbers Box Puzzle
Another fun box math puzzle.
Name, Order Sides, and Edging Shapes Puzzle
Explain a great deal and order shapes by the number of sides.
Fill in the Missing Sum Puzzle 0 to 9
Find the missing sums to complete the puzzle.
Divisibility Brain Teaser Puzzle
This one is really cool how it all connects together.
Random Operations Flashcards
A quick one to review those last 5 minutes.
Tick of Clock Puzzle
Tell time and write it.

Math Puzzle Related Resources

A number of great resources for you to enjoy. You can't leave home without them; when it comes to math puzzles. Each of these goes hand-in-hand with puzzles.

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A great review game.
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Fun cooperative games kids can play with each other.
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