Maths Funs Worksheets

This is a section where you can find printable worksheets that make math fun to learn and for that matter teach too!

  1. Do Now! (Grade Specific) Math Worksheets - These are quick worksheets that range from first grade to eigth grade. The include 3 problems each and 3 skill levels.
  2. Guess My Age Math Worksheet - After worksheets like these, students begin to enjoy math more. They can start to see how it can actually be used to help you everyday.
  3. Guess My Birthday Math Worksheet - This is one of those wow factors! The logic is actually quite simple behind it. A fun thing to do is to see if students can grasp how it was done and have them create a new scenario.
  4. Math Labs - A number of fun math projects to do with your class.
  5. Math Puzzles - From simple to the complex.
  6. Review of Basic Arthmetic Worksheet 1 - These are great when you have a few extra minutes left. It kinda reminds of of a math minute, but with multiple choice.
  7. Review of Basic Arthmetic Worksheet 2 - In this version we include a "No Correct Answer" section. This hads become pretty standard in your formal assessments lately.
  8. Review of Basic Arthmetic Worksheet 3 - Another version for you to enjoy and use for review.
  9. Review of Basic Arthmetic Worksheet 4
  10. Review of Basic Arthmetic Answer Keys
  11. Tic Tac Toe Math - Play Tic-Tac-Toe with math problems.