Math Fun Worksheets

This is a section where you can find printable worksheets that make math fun to learn and for that matter teach too! This is great for one of those when you either are not able to make it to class or are looking to help students realize the impact of math on their lives.

  1. Do Now! (Grade Specific) Math Worksheets - These are quick worksheets that range from first grade to eigth grade. The include 3 problems each and 3 skill levels.
  2. Guess My Age Math Worksheet - After worksheets like these, students begin to enjoy math more. They can start to see how it can actually be used to help you everyday.
  3. Guess My Birthday Math Worksheet - This is one of those wow factors! The logic is actually quite simple behind it. A fun thing to do is to see if students can grasp how it was done and have them create a new scenario.
  4. Math Labs - A number of fun math projects to do with your class.
  5. Math Puzzles - From simple to the complex.
  6. Review of Basic Arthmetic Worksheet 1 - These are great when you have a few extra minutes left. It kinda reminds of of a math minute, but with multiple choice.
  7. Review of Basic Arthmetic Worksheet 2 - In this version we include a "No Correct Answer" section. This hads become pretty standard in your formal assessments lately.
  8. Review of Basic Arthmetic Worksheet 3 - Another version for you to enjoy and use for review.
  9. Review of Basic Arthmetic Worksheet 4
  10. Review of Basic Arthmetic Answer Keys
  11. Tic Tac Toe Math - Play Tic-Tac-Toe with math problems.

Fun Math Projects for Teachers

Keeping your students focused on math can be a challenge. If you are looking for new ideas to keep your class engaged, you’ve come to the right place! Math projects are an excellent alternative to standard testing practices. Students are taught to fear this subject from a very early age. You can help them overcome their fear with fun activities. This type of work also provide students with math skills that will help them in their practical lives.

Here are some fun math projects that you and your students would love working on:

1. Teach Fractions Using Pizza Slices

Pizza and math sound like a great combination, don't they? Did you know you could teach fractions using pizza slices? Print out some pictures of pizzas and cut out their slices to help students visualize fractions. You can also have your students draw the pizza if you want to incorporate some artwork in your every day lessons.

Make different sizes of pizzas with differing numbers of slices. For example, a small pizza can be divided into four slices, with one slice being 1/4th of the whole pizza. Divide the students into groups and have them label fractions of each slice of pizza. All that talk about pizza might make everyone wish they had pizza so that you can reward the class with some at the end of this project.

2. Go on a Math Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to teach measurement to your students. For this project, divide the class into groups and assign a measuring task to each group. For example, one group could be given the task of measuring a bench in the park. You could also teach students how to estimate the length of an object by assigning it by a particular length and asking them to identify objects of the same length.

For students yet to learn measurement skills, you can teach them by drawing lines of differing lengths on the chalkboard and have them look for objects they think might be of the same length. This activity will also enforce estimation skills among your students. You can execute these types of activities outdoors or indoors!

3. Fun Math Riddles and Brian-Teasers

Fun math projects can also include some engaging number based riddles and brain teasers. You can access several free printable fun math riddles online for your students to solve. While riddles are a great way to improve thinking and problem-solving skills, they improve reading and comprehension skills. Solving riddles requires a lot of focus, which is a great way to grasp your students' attention.

You can also create a "Riddle of the Day" activity on the bulletin board where you can update riddles daily, giving an open and equal opportunity for anyone to solve them. You can set a small reward for the student to get the riddle right.

4. Make a Number Tree

Numbers form the basis of all mathematical concepts, so you must incorporate number activities in your lesson plans to help your students grasp the necessary concepts surrounding numbers. For example, if you want to teach additional skills, here is what you can do.

Print out a template of a tree trunk with branches and no leaves. On each branch, you can write a small mathematical equation for your students to solve. The answer to the equation will be the number of leaves to be drawn on that branch. Once the students have solved all the equations, they can draw their tree with the number of leaves required on each branch. It is a good idea to display students' artwork in the class to give them a sense of accomplishment.

5. Play Math Bingo

If you are looking for a super fun way to teach math, try number based bingo, as this is an effective tool to help you enforce addition and subtraction skills. For this project, you will need a set of bingo cards and equation cards. Here is how to play math bingo with your students:

1) Hand out bingo cards to all the players and assign one student the task of calling out the bingo questions. Since this person will not be playing the game, it is recommended for the teacher to be the caller.

2) The caller has a list of questions covering a specific math topic you are trying to teach, for example, addition. As the caller, you must remind your students to cover the free space using their markers.

3) To play the game, the caller will read out a question. The players then have to look for the correct answer in the number grid and use their marker to point out the answer. It is also possible that the right answer may not be present on the grid, so, in that case, the student does not have to point the marker.

4) The first person to place five makers either row-wise, column-wise, or diagonally wins the game and calls out "BINGO."

5) You may continue playing if you desire one more winner in the game. This is a great way to incorporate math into fun and exciting games!

Wrapping Up

Math can be challenging to teach and learn! However, you can ease your students' learning process and help them grasp difficult mathematical topics with the help of fun math projects. These math projects will make learning fun while developing their interest in math. You don't always have to teach math the traditional way with tough exercises that can be overwhelming for some students. Fun math projects are a great way to reinforce challenging mathematical concepts.