Dance Lesson Plans

  1. Bunny Hop- : Start off with right foot forward, right foot back, Left foot forward, left foot back, jump forward, jump back, jump, jump, jump.
  2. Chicken Dance- To teach the students the concept of the chicken dance and develop an understanding for it.
  3. Creative Dance - Students will demonstrate the ability to use basic walking steps in several body directions while demonstrating rhythmic accuracy with their steps.
  4. Curriculum Unit D- Provides curriculum from African-American dance to Musical Theater.
  5. Dance Collage- Students will examine, appreciate, and learn about the different reasons for dancing.
  6. Dance Hype in Video: A Positive or Negative Force?- This unit is designed to explore the fascinating world of MTV Violent, sexual, confusing video messages bombard the tuned in senses 24 hours a day.
  7. Dance Like Me- Students will learn to appreciate and imitate a variety of dancing movements.
  8. Dance Research Essay- Students will learn about and appreciate the history, characteristics, and significance of a specific dance style.
  9. Dance to the Beat- Students will examine and dance to the beat of a drum. This encourages students to pay attention to the beat of the music while they dance and understand that rhythm is an important aspect to dancing.
  10. Dances- Learn the Bunny Hop, Chicken Dance, Circle Virginia Reel, Shoe Dance, and Line Dances.
  11. Dancing With Props- Students will learn to use move a prop by moving their bodies.
  12. D.E.A.D (that's right, Drop Everything And Dance)- The students drop whatever it is they are doing and dance about the room.
  13. Dramatic Movement Through Family Ties- "These types of dances only survive being used as performance material after careful staging. Even then it would be the rare audience that could make it through a full evening performance."
  14. Integrating Technology into the Dance Classroom - To perform a simple, 4 wall line dance with correct sequence and rhythmic accuracy. All the time using the help of technology.
  15. "Fiddler On The Roof"- From teaching with
  16. Learning To Moonwalk - How to learn how to Moonwalk in easy steps. Teach the class a dance.
  17. Lesson Plans for Social Dances- These techniques will apply to any social dance.
  18. Letter Dance- After listening to the selection, have students identify the shape of the letter their name begins with.
  19. Line and Social Dance- This learning segment is a basic introduction to rhythmic movement as a way to feel good physically, be mentally stimulated, develop self-esteem and to interact with others in a social situation.
  20. Marionette Dancing- Students will examine and perform movements of different parts of their body. This is a good activity to use for warming up, encouraging balance, and the examination of the space around for safe movement.
  21. Shoe Dance- Students remove shoes or have an extra pair of socks which they lace on their hands.
  22. The History of Black Dance- This unit will initially be presented with historical information that is essential for teaching the history of Black dance. That material will be followed by lesson plans in chronological order that mirror the periods of Black dance/history covered in the unit.